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“If you are not failing every now and again it’s a sign you are not doing anything very innovative” — Woody Allen

It’s with sadness that the Spaceman lol team announces that the project is bankrupt.

The recent drop to a bear crypto market and a lack of monetary, management and human resources are some of the reasons.

It is also important to mention that the project did not raise funds before launch and failed to do so after, due to the project characteristic of a fair launch to give the team and all community members the same chance to…

Introduction — Adaption to the Current Situation

After 1929, many people had been traumatised by the market crash that it created a lost generation — the remedy for this was to HODL but very few knew about this concept.

As Bitcoin plunged 30%, proceeding to a significant sell-off in the cryptocurrency markets. The digital currency hit as low as $32,000 and hasn’t traded at those levels since late January.

The sharp drop means Bitcoin had temporarily erased all its gains following Tesla’s announcement that it would purchase $1.5 billion worth of the cryptocurrency.

Why did this happen?

On May 12, Elon Musk said the electric carmaker had suspended vehicle purchases using…

Facts: Gemini was an early NASA human spaceflight program to study space travel. Gemini helped NASA get ready for the Apollo moon landings.

As we transition from the Mercury to the Gemini Program, our only regret was not being prepared to list in platforms such as CoinGecko and others as planned — we will continue to pursue it and we are confident that sooner or later it will happen

Regardless, we enter the Gemini Program with more confidence than ever!

The Report


As we continue to engage our community, the efforts to develop the brand have just started.

For the past week, we proceeded to look for the best way to make the Spaceman brand well known. …

Up Next Crypto has created some content about Spaceman and we could not be prouder to feature on it

With more than 200k subscribers, this youtube channel focuses on reviewing emerging cryptocurrencies.

The fairness and security of Spaceman will always be a priority.

And so, as you may already know, we requested an audit to Solidity.Finance, and although we passed the Solidity Finance Audit, they declared a security issue regarding two wallets with more than 2% of the total supply.

To tackle this issue, we asked the community to partake in a voting process to decide if Whales that own 2% or more of the total supply should be penalised.

The voting started on the 29th of April; it lasted 72 hours. The debate was quite relevant. …

Facts: Mercury was named after the Roman God Mercury, Latin Mercurius, in Roman religion, god of shopkeepers and merchants, travellers and transporters of goods.

Mercury’s orbit is very short as it is the closest planet to the sun, and it seems like it moves faster in the sky than any other planet. Hence, the Romans named it after their fastest god Mercury, depicted as a quick messenger with a winged helmet. Mercury was also the god of commerce, finance, communication, and eloquence.

The Report

We are now three weeks old, and we keep moving with everything that we got. Our…

As promised, the product is what we have mainly worked on to have something worthy later. And so, we are thrilled to share the first Spaceman Chart design with you.

We aim to make Spaceman Charts the leading chart solution to find new tokens and allow people to do their research in an effortless and friendly environment.

Moreover, we plan to have an Alpha version of Spaceman Charts first to allow you to test it and suggest modifications. …

As we created an asset for our community we would like to keep them safe and secure.

With the advancements in technology, our world has changed for the better. Still, it has added increased personal accountability of preserving our online safety. Presently we see ever-growing crypto phishing attempts where bad players are seeking to scam the inexperienced.

Wondering what the best methods to safeguard your precious cryptocurrency assets are? Let’s take a glimpse here at how to stay safe and shield your funds.

  1. Begin with a Solid Foundation for Your Wallet

Ensure your device is free of any malware, and…

Hi #Spacers! here you have our AMA resume. enjoy :)

1 — Why is the name

The process for the name pick was long; the whole team and advisors got involved in this process. To be honest, the name was not an issue — the purpose was the most important thing.

Our first option was Goku — the Dragon Ball character — and when we were already in the process of making the logo, we quickly left the idea as we found another project with the same name. …

Dear Spaceman,

We hope you’re having a good day so far.

We are reaching out to you because we are all a part of this community project, and we would like to share this story with you.

As we fairly launched the Spaceman and shared the benefits of the token with you, surpassing the expected targets for this brief period, we would like to keep it up and reach new heights.

Therefore, we will be raising funds to invest in crucial aspects of our product that will guarantee us safe heaven. We kindly ask you to participate in this fundraising.

How are…


Spaceman is a BEP-20 DeFi token on the Binance Smart Chain, which utilizes the reflection model to reward holders by taxing sellers.

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