Gemini Report — Week I

Facts: Gemini was an early NASA human spaceflight program to study space travel. Gemini helped NASA get ready for the Apollo moon landings.

As we transition from the Mercury to the Gemini Program, our only regret was not being prepared to list in platforms such as CoinGecko and others as planned — we will continue to pursue it and we are confident that sooner or later it will happen

Regardless, we enter the Gemini Program with more confidence than ever!

The Report

As we continue to engage our community, the efforts to develop the brand have just started.

For the past week, we proceeded to look for the best way to make the Spaceman brand well known. We have established a strategy for our marketing budget, which depends on community donations and the core team contributions.

With the budget, we targeted advertising across our multiple social media accounts for the past two weeks.

We worked with media outlets and influencers for exposure. Now we look to close a deal with Crypto Pablo on Youtube and Crypto Explorer on Instagram.

The marketing efforts mentioned above will be focused on advertising our first version of Spaceman Charts. Furthermore, to make things better, the Website V2 will be released at this same time frame!

Our secondary goal, but not less important, is to register Spaceman as an LLC — Limited Liability Company — a step towards getting recognized as Gem.


As mentioned before on this Gemini Program, the Devs’ Team intends to deliver an Alpha version of Spaceman Charts for our holders to test and suggest additional features and modifications. The vision is to make the Spaceman Charts the leading chart solution to find new tokens and follow them. Besides the Charts, our developers are putting together the slickest Version 2 of our Website — significant advancements on both desktop and mobile variants have been made.

Spaceman is working on Revolutionizing Cardano’s Blockchain.

The branch of decentralized finance, or DeFi, has grown over the months. Several projects have launched in blockchains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Nevertheless, Spaceman promises to revolutionize the DeFi ecosystem on the Cardano blockchain.

Spaceman is still in its initial phase; in any case, our diverse team with members worldwide have shown ambition.

Cardano’s first deflationary tokens

Spaceman team vows to create the first deflationary Token in the Cardano network. To this end, we plan to make a decentralized exchange (DEX) called Syllena. Decentralized exchanges are indispensable tools for any blockchain, given the need for new projects to list tokens without intermediaries.

Good examples are the DEX PancakeSwap and Uniswap, which have become central pillars of the blockchains on which these protocols are based.

Therefore, the Spaceman protocol aims to give the Cardano network this significant differential; necessary for the Blockchain to remain relevant in the decentralized universe. The Cardano blockchain, developed by Charles Hoskinson, was chosen by Spaceman because of its security and practicality.

In addition, low rates are another attraction. Since Cardano supports native tokens, fees are paid with the same Token.

The project is still in the inception process, but it has relevant propositions. Spaceman can become a pioneer in Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem.

Spaceman is a BEP-20 DeFi token on the Binance Smart Chain, which utilizes the reflection model to reward holders by taxing sellers.

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