Hi #Spacers! here you have our AMA resume. enjoy :)

1 — Why is the name Spaceman.lol?

The process for the name pick was long; the whole team and advisors got involved in this process. To be honest, the name was not an issue — the purpose was the most important thing.

Our first option was Goku — the Dragon Ball character — and when we were already in the process of making the logo, we quickly left the idea as we found another project with the same name. We had multiple meetings to get to a final decision and decided to vote on it.

Every person involved suggested a name and Spaceman was the favourite by a mile. Moreover, we did not know what high-level domain to use; we had in mind “dot crypto”, “dot finance” and others. In the end, we decided not to lose the authenticity of how marketing is done these days in the crypto world. We wanted to maintain the fun side of this project, and we settled with “dot LOL” — Spaceman.lol.

2 — Who initiated Spaceman? What was the background story behind it?

The core team came together for Spaceman.lol because we all relate to each other on different levels; some of us were schoolmates, friends and/or family. As we all share the passion for the revolutionary crypto market, we started discussing the new Niche Market of DeFi tokens.

As experienced crypto traders since 2017, our concern was that a lot of people were getting scammed by emerging tokens. With that said, we decided to change the game by creating Spaceman.lol — a token for the people made by the people — a transparent, reliable, and safe project, hence, the team was publicly revealed. Spaceman.lol will be migrating to Cardano Main Chain, one of the safest (if not the safest) protocols on the Blockchain market.

3 — When will White Paper be released?

There are no plans at the moment to release a white paper. However, we plan to release a technical architecture paper in May detailing some of the features of the exchange we are planning to build on Plutus. On the Apollo Program, we will release a Litepaper as seen on the roadmap. The reason we have yet to release a whitepaper is because we need Cardano Plutus to have a stable release (it is not even on test net) and finish the Plutus Pioneer Program to have a clear understanding of how the exchange will work.

4 — What is the use of the Token? How does it work? Elaborate on the Token Economics.

The token is meant to reward holders by taxing the sellers. It is a simple reflection model pioneered by RFI. We chose to use this model over a standard BEP-20 because the reflection model interacts directly with a DEX and since our end goal is to build a DEX on top of Plutus, Spaceman.lol will be the first token in that exchange.

5 — When Spaceman.lol migrates to the Cardano Main Chain will the $SML token have any connection/relationship with the one on Cardano? Will SML holders transfer their tokens to the Cardano Chain? Will it change Name?

We will take a snapshot in the Binance Smart Chain and give the same tokens for holders in Plutus. We can change the name, the only requirement is keeping the same holding for the holders.

6 — For your Gemini Program you speak About Spaceman.lol Charts Can you elaborate on that?

Spaceman.lol charts will be a product that will compete directly with Poo Coin and Bogged Finance. We also want to play the role of CMC and CoinGecko for small cap coins. The profits generated by Spaceman.lol charts will be used to burn $SML. The reason we decided to go with Spaceman.lol charts now, it is because our DEX on Plutus will also have charts and very similar functionality. So Spaceman.lol charts will be sort of an Alpha version of the exchange.

7 — What is happening to listings you applied for, like Coin Gecko or Coin Market Cap? Why is it taking so long? It seemed that you achieved enough Holders and Transactions.

More than just numbers, we need to grow as a project entirely. We have made applications looking at the number of holders and transactions; we thought that we would be able to succeed with the applications but got rejected.

These listing platforms look at the overall performance of the Token, and every channel that officially represents the token needs to meet specific standards in which the biggest is consistency on the information.

We concluded that we applied too early for some of the listings, but as we create a consistent project and grow the number of our holders, volume and brand, very soon we will reach the magnitude required for listing on these platforms.

8 — $SML going to be listed in Hotbit?

Not at the moment. We did not consider if they would accept the reflection mechanism of our Token, so for now we are going to remain on PancakeSwap. In a near future, we will apply for an even bigger exchange — when we grow more volume.

9 — When will the price show on the Trust Wallet?

The token price will only show for assets that already exist on the Asset Repository and meet the minimum requirements. We already have our logo in Trust Wallet.

The other issue is that Trust Wallet pulls data from other platforms, so it requires that Spaceman.lol gets listed on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko. Still, the app will only show a token price with a minimum trading volume of at least $100,000USD and a Market Cap of $100,000USD or higher.

10 — Have you done any audits?

Yes, we have done an audit with Solidity.Finance — you can find it here!

We are in the process of raising funds to do a second audit with CertiK. CertiK uses rigorous Formal Verification technology to provide hacker-resistant smart contract and blockchain audits. This audit will guarantee the safety of Spaceman and reassure new interested prospects that it is a reliable token.

11 — Do you have a marketing budget? What are your plans? (Youtubers, TikTokers)

Our team members continuously invest in the project. We already worked with some influencers to give the first boost to our brand awareness and we are busy raising more funds for marketing activities and audits through a donation system in which everyone can participate.

We will use your donations for various marketing activities, such as Advertisement on our social media platforms, with a pivotal focus on Crypto Influencers to spread the word about Spaceman.lol. Furthermore, we will be working with media companies to guarantee our presence in other platforms in different formats like Press Releases, Email Marketing and News Articles. The ultimate goal is to increase the number of Holders and Token Value.

If you are interested in donating to the project, you can send Binance Tokens BNB to the following address:


12 — Where are you based?

Most of our team is based in Portugal but we have members across four continents; Africa, Asia; North America and Europe.

13 — When will the Merchandise store be open? What is the purpose of the Store? And what Kind of Merchandise are you going to have?

We have not set a date to launch the store yet. It depends on how soon we can get our LLC done, but we have high hopes to get it sorted during the “Apollo Program” as stated on our Marketing Roadmap.

Regarding the store purpose, we want to create more brand awareness; we are excited to introduce the Spaceman.lol Cap!

We believe that the brand is “catchy”, and we will be working with experienced designers to make high-end products accessible to our community.

One primary purpose of our Merchandise Store is to use it as the catalyst for our first philanthropic involvement. The idea is to allocate a percentage of the profits and direct it to a donation process. Our community will choose the project to which the money will be donated through a voting system.

Regarding the Merchandising itself, we plan to have casual and sport style clothing, caps, and maybe even a full spacesuit if the community wishes for it.

14 — Are we still on PancakeSwap V1? Will there be any coin migration — will we have to swap to a new coin?

Liquidity tokens are locked — the migration to V2 will be handled by PancakeSwap. We cannot do anything about it unless we want a whole new token and give out new $SML tokens.

Spaceman is a BEP-20 DeFi token on the Binance Smart Chain, which utilizes the reflection model to reward holders by taxing sellers.

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