Mercury Report — Week Three

Facts: Mercury was named after the Roman God Mercury, Latin Mercurius, in Roman religion, god of shopkeepers and merchants, travellers and transporters of goods.

Mercury’s orbit is very short as it is the closest planet to the sun, and it seems like it moves faster in the sky than any other planet. Hence, the Romans named it after their fastest god Mercury, depicted as a quick messenger with a winged helmet. Mercury was also the god of commerce, finance, communication, and eloquence.

The Report

We are now three weeks old, and we keep moving with everything that we got. Our startup has reached a point of reevaluation, and we are currently optimising our business operations.

For the past week, we worked on aspects such as security and fairness of the token economics; strategic marketing on social media focusing on influencers/crypto news outlets; and as always, we have made significant progress on our product, Spaceman Charts.

Fairness and Security:

Although we passed the Solidity Finance Audit, they declared a security issue regarding two wallets with more than 2% of the total supply.

Although we tried to avoid this issue by doing a fair launch, the problem does exist, but we are poised to tackle it. It was only fair, and we took action on the matter.

We asked the community to partake in a voting process to decide if Whales that own 2% or more of the total supply should be penalised, and therefore would be prevented from receiving the dividends of the reflection mechanism.

This means that they would not receive the percentage of tokens that every holder receives once a transaction is executed.

The voting started on the 29th of April and is still ongoing; it will last 72 hours. The debate was quite relevant, and we are happy to have found a solution for the matter and will continue to tackle every issue that may occur in the future.

Strategic Marketing:

We closed deals with Up Next and CryptoFacil.

Up Next is a youtube channel that focuses on reviewing emerging cryptocurrencies. With more than 200k subscribers, we have high expectations that the pipeline will make viral

CriptoFácil is a News Media platform and one of the leading Brazilian sites with information on, Blockchain, cryptography.

Our token will soon make it to the headlines!

Spaceman Charts

As promised, the product is what we have mainly worked on as our goal is to make a product worthy of investors trust and money.

We aim to make Spaceman Charts the leading chart solution to find new tokens and allow people to do their research in an effortless and friendly environment.

Moreover, we have planned to have an Alpha version of Spaceman Charts first to enable you to test it and suggest modifications. But as we made progress on the subject, you can already see the first draft of how the chart will look like; and we would appreciate getting your feedback on that.

Therefore, we are thrilled to share the first Spaceman Chart design with you.

In sum below, the features we plan to have:

1- Connection to your wallet: in that way, you will be able to track and view your assets’ performance directly.

2- Live Transactions: you have a view of the transactions happening first hand!

3- Other highlights will include information about: 24h Volume, 24h Change, Marketcap and Liquidity

4- As soon as you have finished your research and feel ready to be part of our community and make money moves, the platform will prompt you to jump Pancakeswap and buy SMLs as well as access our social channels

Click the link to view the Design:

Social Media Engagement Report:

Social Media Stats are what you want it to be, make a decision:


+300 Followers from 200 last week


+1000 Spacers from 850 last week — Give away contest Happening! LOL


+313 Karma from 290 last week


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Spaceman is a BEP-20 DeFi token on the Binance Smart Chain, which utilizes the reflection model to reward holders by taxing sellers.

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