Outer Space

Mercury Report Week Two

Mercury speeds around the sun every 88 Earth days, traveling through space at nearly 112,000 mph (180,000 km/h), faster than any other solar planet.


It has been two weeks since our successful launch to the stars. Thereafter, we have made significant progress, and we have proudly managed results that we were not expecting at this early stage; and that is to show how our team has committed to this project.

We have surpassed our All-Time high on three different occasions in a matter of a week; we have reached a record number of 6000 Holders with more than 13000 transactions! Our Market Capitalization is now at $2 Million, but we have already experienced a Market Cap of $10Million; the potential is limitless.

But As known in trading circles, after a high jump, there is a correction, and we have been experiencing that, as expected, for the first time, but our hopes are high, and the team is very optimistic that we will be breaking records as we have just started and did not explore the full potential of our mothership’s motors yet.

As the teamwork proceeded, we have managed to add our logo to Pacakeswap, and Trustwallet which improved the brand awareness and the legitimacy of our Token.

We have had a lot more engagement on our Socials, with our numbers increasing exponentially day by day, and we thank the community for their positive and constructive feedback throughout the ups and downs!

We had some issues that were not in our control, such as the denied listing of Coin Gecko, for lack of projects maturity, in which we were not aware of such requirements. But the good news is that they will be reviewing our application in two weeks.

We are afraid that the same problem might happen to other applications for the same reason, but it will be easier to achieve those goals as we grow.

On the development side, things are as smooth as water, with two of our devs enjoying the learning process of the Plutus pioneer program. Some adjustments have been made to our website, and our UI/UX developer has finished his research to start building our Spacemancharts; a presentation will be made for the core team to review details at our Saturday meeting.

As the weekend approached, we had our first AMAs on our telegram channel, which we found answered most questions and will keep doing so.

Mercury Report:

  • All-Time High broken 3 Times
  • 6000 Holders & 13000 transactions
  • $2 Million — $10Million Market Capitalization
  • Added logo to Pacakeswap and Trustwallet
  • Two developers fully integrated into the Plutus pioneer program
  • We have finished researched phase of the Spaceman charts

Social Media Stats are what you want it to be, make a decision:

Telegram: https://t.me/spacemanlol

+1750 members from 500 last week

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spaceman_lol

+200 Followers from 100 last week

Twitter: https://twitter.com/spaceman_lol/

+850 Spacers from 50 last week

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/u/spaceman_lol

+290 Karma from 200 last week

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/spaceman-lol

+49 Followers from 25 last week

Discord: https://discord.gg/QjubNgHhPh

+We are ready to have one on one convos with you. Are you?

Spaceman is a BEP-20 DeFi token on the Binance Smart Chain, which utilizes the reflection model to reward holders by taxing sellers.